Our Leva Pragatik Mandal Established in 1969. It is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 vide Registration No. E4119.
Before registration many social interested and devotee persons of our community took a great effort to unite the people. They collect so many people together and spread the message of social activities and unity.
Leva Pragatik Mandal designed and developed a community website www.thorlevasamaj.com for the awareness of different programs conducted by the mandal. Also, the prospective bride and groom can register their profile in matrimonial section to facilitate a lawful marriages between the Leva Patidar Community.
Leva Pragatik Mandal conducting various activities throughout the year- Such as – • Vadhu-Var Parichay Melawa and publish Vadhu-Var Suchi,
• Ganpati Utsav
• Annual Snehsammelan (Get-together),
• Various Indoor games and competitions,
• Helping poor and need community people and families,
• Helping natural calamities affected peoples and families