Leva Pragatik Mandal’s main aim to unite all the community members under the one roof for Social, Economic, Educational, Industrial and Cultural developments. To encourage the students, help them for providing accommodations, fees as well as appreciate them by offering various gifts and awards.


• To run and protect the institution constitution
• Provide the world wide web to register Matrimony and Namavali Suchi, job portal.
• To organise a Vadhu-Var Parichay Melawa every year and create Vadhu-Var Suchi to know the updated data of brides and grooms
• To help need and poor community families
• To help and encourage the students by giving scholarships and other gifts
• To arrange different entertainment program and different skill programs
• To arrange medical awareness programs
• To plan various programs for Samaj progress
• To develop a community hall for social and cultural activites
• Try to arrange a Rojgar Melava